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I cant understand

what you meant to me

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Friends Only
Comment To Be Added.

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That is really nice me like

I'm not leaving a name because my name is irrelevant in this situation. All I'm saying is that you need to leave Ali. She cheats on everyone. You're no exception. You're not special. She never knows what she wants, and she's only on a break with you because she knows she can fuck Max all she wants and come back to you as a rebound. Please stop letting her use you. She used me too. She uses everyone and then blames it on drugs "OMG I was just really fucked up when I dated her." It's bullshit. And it makes me fucking sick. That bitch is way twisted, and you need out, now. More people like you than you think...

Please tell me who you are.
IM me or something.

I heart Amy Lee!!! I Love your layout! Mind if I friend ya, so I can stare at her all the time? : )

Thats fine, just make sure you add me first.

Actually, due to recent events and recent paranoia, I don't think I'm going to be adding you. I apologize if you arent who I think you are, just trying to get past the friends-only setting on my journal. You haven't updated in forever, you have no interests and I am the only person you have added to your friends list, which also raises a red flag.

Not to mention, you, coincedentally, have the same IP address as the anonymous commenter above.

I had you add me first because I was hoping your journal was friends only or something, and that there were more of your entries that I just wasn't able to view. Unfortunately, I had no such luck and you will therefore not be added.

Nice try, though!

Hey stumbled across your journal. Can ya add me? You seem interesting and I was looking to make some cool friends in the area. Thanks.

I absolutely love your icon, and your friends only banner. Amy Lee in general. It's nice to see other fans of Evanescence..think you could add me? <3


hey stephanie...megan o here...ali is all yours, i'm happily involved with someone else. i don't have an lj but i don't think my e-mail address has changed since i last spoke to you. hope all is well. ~megs

Hey, dude. I was only kidding when I left that comment in Ashley's journal. Nice to see you around again. How have things been?

Peace out,

hey, just wanted to give you a head's up that the last day to get a "shane is my homegirl" shirt off of my site is this sunday the 29th. send me hate mail if you think it sucks i wrote this in your comment section:-)
Image hosted by Photobucket.com

You seem to have many cool interests so Ill add ya; its up to you if you want to add me back.

Sure thing! You're added. I don't comment much, but I will try.

bitch put me back on your friends list damnit!

yo its courtney.
I added you. Add me back. hee.


Hey.....i actually dont ever use this thing but if youre on facebook you can find me there.....i want to S. indiana for a while if that makes it easier.......ive actaully been fantastic i teach outdoor environmental education for a living now which is really cool.....how have you been?

hey i ready your crystalchild post your story and mine are alot alike im 19 and at this point im starting a whole new journal and im just looking to find people to talk to about things.

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