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I cant understand

what you meant to me

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(no subject)

Friends Only
Comment To Be Added.

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I heart Amy Lee!!! I Love your layout! Mind if I friend ya, so I can stare at her all the time? : )

Thats fine, just make sure you add me first.

Actually, due to recent events and recent paranoia, I don't think I'm going to be adding you. I apologize if you arent who I think you are, just trying to get past the friends-only setting on my journal. You haven't updated in forever, you have no interests and I am the only person you have added to your friends list, which also raises a red flag.

Not to mention, you, coincedentally, have the same IP address as the anonymous commenter above.

I had you add me first because I was hoping your journal was friends only or something, and that there were more of your entries that I just wasn't able to view. Unfortunately, I had no such luck and you will therefore not be added.

Nice try, though!

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